My Name is Michael Hutton (aka Guitar Grandad)

Striving to make learning the Guitar & Ukulele Fun and Enjoyable!

When I was starting out on my learning journey, both school and music tutors seemed to be set in their ways about what you should learn and how you should learn it, often without a valid reason for why we need to know this and its practical applications in the real world. There was also no built-in flexibility to cater for more individual tastes and learning styles. Consequently, my schooldays were not particularly enjoyable or rewarding. The effects of this did nothing for my well-being, confidence or self-esteem and stayed with me for many years into adulthood.

After freeing myself from the shackles of the formal education system, I started to search for and found subjects that interested me and teachers willing to listen and adapt to their student's. It took a while but they are out there and I did find them. Learning became so much more enjoyable and therefore easier because we're both swimming with the tide and not against it.

The more I progressed both in my learning and life experience, I realised I would like to help others have a chance to feel the benefits of being able to "Swim With The Tide" in their learning journey.

My aim is to create place where everyone feels included and is encouraged to develop their own style, in their own time, to the level they want to achieve and are comfortable with. This of course can change as we progress, so adapting to these ever changing needs is something I strive for and am always open to suggestions and new ideas to improve You, my student's, learning experience keeping it enjoyable and fun which ultimately makes it easier because, as I find, you will want to do it.

Do Anything You Wanna Do and Be Remarkable 

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Reach out about anything you would like to discuss playing guitar, bass or ukulele or about my courses & services.

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