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I believe learning is not passive and one size doesn't fit all. 

Are you someone who has a DREAM but doesn’t think it’s achievable? Me too! That’s exactly how I felt when I started my guitar learning journey as a teenager, but you can feel like this at any age as many of my students would testify. Maybe you have tried in the past and given up. That’s not being a failure, that means you just haven’t found the best route for YOUR journey yet. Are you worried that you must be able to read music, know all the scales and chords before you can even think about playing a song and having fun? Not so!

Now I’m not suggesting for one minute that success will come without applying time and dedication on your part but by choosing the right route for YOUR journey you can avoid getting lost, turning around, and giving up.

So, would you be interested to know how you can enjoy confronting the challenges of playing smoothly, keeping time, playing through a whole song whilst having fun and feeling good? That’s what I wanted and successfully achieved. Now I would like to see you realise YOUR DREAM!

The Moment You Accept Responsibility For Everything In Your Life, Is The Moment You Gain The Power To Change Anything In Your Life - Hal Elrod

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